Coin End Table 22 with hairpin legs

Coin End Table 22 with hairpin legs


Each “coin” top end table is so unique. This one has taller hairpin legs than the other elm coin top table we have in our shop and its hefty diameter is a little less. The height of this darling is 22.5 inches. This makes a beautiful statement to many decor styles. The hairpin legs are modern while the hefty cross cut slab gives a definite natural element. The color of the aged elm is completely natural and unchanged. It almost has a leather richness to its tone. The top is smooth and pleasing to the touch.  

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Slab is 6 1/4 inches thick

The top is not a perfect round.  It is 25 inch diameter at its biggest part one direction and 22 inch diameter in the other direction.  It is 22.5 inches high.  The top is 6 1/4 inches thick.  The wood is Elm and a taupe/ beige yummy color.