We Love Trees.

We bring nature into your home as pure and simple as nature itself.

Our Story

The Rough Life is a home decor and furniture brand by Timbercraft Designs, aka. Tim (Timber) and Holly Lauscher. They live in Waterton Park, Alberta. It is a tiny little village inside a National Park. They have spent years hiking the trails, climbing the ridge lines, canoeing the lakes, and skiing the backcountry of this special corner of the Rockies. They both feel a reverence and awe for the trees that are a large part of what make our mountain home special. 

Tim learned to understand and work with wood and saw big trees from a master sawyer, his big brother, Reg Lauscher. His brother, Reg was featured in Time magazine as an expert in sharpening saw blades with a purposeful precision that revolutionized the efficiency and result of sawing. Reg understood wood of all types and Tim was the beneficiary of his tutelage. Tim gets excited and happy when he cuts a log on his sawmill. He loves the smell and the feel and the beauty that is revealed. 

So how do these two very different sides of loving trees go hand in hand? The reverence for the live standing trees, the desire to have them live and grow for the centuries they often can; and the love of working the wood and large scale timbercrafting? This is how Tim  found the balance.


Rescued Timber

Most of the trees we work are rescued oversized trees that the mills have felled. These trees are doomed for paper or chip board because they are too big for automated mill efficiency. Tim's saw, with his manual control and expandable capacity, allows him to saw  large diameter logs and give a greater purpose to some of the logged forests trees that we admire

Tim can plan the cutting of a large timber, taking time and individual care to make the most out of this precious grand tree. The waste is less, the use is better. A big thick table top that reveals the heart of the wood instead of multiple dimensional 1 x 4's with chipped wood waste. 

Because Tim's saw is movable he also has had the opportunity to remove standing dead trees in a forest. These are a variety of sizes and besides saving the surrounding live trees to continue to old growth, they are desirable because the wood has had time to dry in nature. 

We love each tree that we get. We love taking the time to think what we can make with it. We love to share that process too. 

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Your Story

If you order a custom Rough Life piece from us then you also may receive its whole story. We can document the story for you.  We can provide a  picture of original timber and tell you about each step of the way to the end result. We can document the creation. That way we believe the tree lives on as it becomes part of your life and home, possibly for generations.

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