We love each tree that we get. We love taking the time to think about what we can create with it. We invite YOU to be part of that process. You could pick a live edge slab you like for your table or shelf or mantle. Or you could just pick a beautiful piece of wood that speaks to you and we can design together how that piece will live on in your home.  

If you wish, we can document the whole story of your Rough Life furniture. We will send you a picture of the felled timber and then document each step of the way—from first saw to final finishing. That way, we believe the tree's story becomes part of your story and can live on for generations.

There is a reason that raw wood, live edges, and large timber is popular in furniture and decorating.  We all desire REAL things, natural materials, around us. We crave a connection with nature. A 3 inch deep solid table top on a massive square timber post base just feels so solid, so real, and enriches our home and life in a way made-made materials may not. Timbercraft Designs build our Rough Life Furniture line to bring the balance and authenticity of nature into your home.  

Each "The Rough Life" piece that Timbercraft Designs creates is completely done onsite by craftsmen.

To discuss your options for a custom furniture piece from The Rough Life, feel free to get in touch


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Rough Life inventory (2 of 4).jpg